Network Design and Implementation   IT Strategic Planning & Solutions  

Med IT Associates has extensive experience designing, deploying and supporting complex yet scalable and dependable networks. We offer design, implementation and support for Microsoft and Linux servers and desktops as well as for simple to highly complex local and wide area networks built on routers, switches and firewalls from industry leaders such as Cisco Systems, Juniper and Check Point.


Med IT Associates keeps current with the latest industry innovations and solutions and can evaluate the benefits, costs, risks and nuances of such technologies for your business. With nearly a decade of experience in building and maintaining networks, Med IT can provide pivotal insight towards your purchasing and design needs. In addition, our reseller and partner status with leading vendors allows us to provide competitive pricing and one stop shopping.


Round the Clock Network Monitoring

  Intrusion Detection/Prevention & Firewall Support  

Proactive monitoring and resolution is at the core of our IT strategy.
We can monitor all of your critical network devices (data lines, routers, firewalls etc.), components (bandwidth saturation, CPU utilization, hard disk space, etc.) as well as critical services and applications. This enables us to resolve most problems before they impact the end user, as well as to make informed decisions about the need for network adjustments.


Med IT Associates takes corporate security and patient privacy very seriously. We understand that a security policy involves more than setting up a firewall. We can help you implement a comprehensive corporate security strategy that takes into account appropriate hardware and software, proven security policies and end user training.
We will continually ensure that your network is secure, and when applicable, HIPAA compliant. Our company can provide proactive prevention against threats such as malware, viruses and intrusion attempts. We can monitor security vulnerabilities and report application misuse.

  Application & Database Support & Maintenance   HL7 Integrations  

Med IT will support all of the industry standard desktop and server applications. In addition we have extensive experience deploying and maintaining EMR, RIS, PACS and viewing applications, as well as the databases that many of these applications rely on. Some of the more popular applications we support are: Fuji Synapse, GE Centricity, Merge Fusion/eFilm, Nuance Commissure RadWhere, Powerscribe and many others.

  Whether you need full HL7 Project Management or just HL7 implementation assistance, Med IT can help your organization successfully implement uni or bi-directional HL7 standard messaging between your RIS, PACS or other Healthcare applications.  
  Server Virtualization   NAS/SAN Implementations  
  There are many advantages to server virtualization including, but not limited to, reduced number of servers and associated reduction in space and maintenance costs, multiple OS technologies on the same physical host server, dramatic reduction in downtime due to hardware failure or OS corruption, ease of migration and upgrades. Med IT has a proven track record of migrating to and maintaining virtual servers utilizing both VMware and Citrix Xen.   As NAS and SAN technology advancements continue the boundaries between them continue to blur. Nevertheless depending on your circumstance one of these storage technologies will probably suit you best. Med IT can help you decide and implement a solution which is the most cost efficient, scalable and is best suited to your needs.